Bring new life to your tired or failing pool with a swimming pool renovation.

A well planned and executed swimming pool renovation can greatly extend the life and enjoyment of a swimming pool. A swimming pool renovation is also the best time to address any pool interior maintenance challenges, structural problems, filtration and circulation issues, update pool lighting and depending on the original pool entry design, improve accessibility both in and out of the swimming pool.

Elevating the look and feel of a swimming pool is an important element of any pool renovation project. The maintenance needed to ensure safe, crystal clear water year round and the look, feel and longevity of the pool interior featured is also worth consideration when renovating your swimming pool.

During an onsite consultation, Justin will delve into all areas of pool renovation to ensure the best long term result is achieved for your pool renovation project.

A Viva Vinyl client pool with Aqualux pool finish

Pool Renovation Projects

A swimming pool is essentially a hole in the ground with water in it. If you are not from the pool industry, it can be difficult to know what type of pool you may have in your backyard. Not a problem, Viva Vinyl specialise in Aqualux pool interiors and the good news is, Aqualux can be used to transform all pool types!


Fibreglass Pool Renovations

Pre-made and cast in a factory, a fibregalss pool renovation can resolve osmosis, gel coat failures and structural cracks in the pool shell.

Concrete Pool Renovations

Custom made on site, a concrete pool renovation can involve simple resurfacing or may need to address concrete cancer and other structural issues.

Panel Pool Renovations

Custom fabricated in a factory and assembled on site, a panel pool renovation includes replacing the existing pool liner and in some cases, updating the waterline tile.

Virtues of Vinyl

Viva Vinyl believes in the virtues of vinyl and its ability to provide a stunning, low maintenance and long lasting solution for all pool types. From fabrication and construction to maintenance and renovation, 20 years of knowledge and experience drives the Viva Vinyl ethos of all roads lead to vinyl.

Aqualux by ABGAL is the pool interior of choice at Viva Vinyl. Australian made in Queensland, Aqualux is constructed from 0.75mm virgin vinyl and is engineered to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Supported by a 12 year pro-rata warranty, Aqualux is a satin smooth, durable non-slip pool interior custom made to transform any pool shape, size and method of constrcution.

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