Welcome! My name is Justin Otterbach, founder of Viva Vinyl, your pool renovation specialist on the Sunshine Coast.

From the age of 18 I have been working around swimming pools in all different ways.

Through opportunities from some of the best companies within the pool industry both domestically and abroad, allowed me to focus both my passion for swimming pools and the memories it creates for the families I meet, and honed the craft I fell in love with, that a simple piece of vinyl with all of its virtues can create the most amazing outcomes for a swimming pool.

My belief is any opportunity to add value to both a clients family life and enhance the value of their investment is a simple act of trust in me – which I take very seriously.  

I believe attention to detail, focusing on the small details or the one percenters when added up is what separates a tradesman from a craftsman, and when complete the simple act of handshake to acknowledge that my promise was kept is how I do business.

Viva Vinyl is just me, a one man craftsman, seeking to work with all manner of clients and projects to create unique outcomes using an Aqualux Vinyl Liner.

If you have a tired pool in need of a new lease of life, or you have the pain of confronting a poorly built pool which is failing, I am confident I can help you.

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