The Signs it is Time for a Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

Mar 23, 2022

Vinyl liner pools are a popular pool of choice for many Australian homeowners. The diverse variety of beautiful designs that are available means that they are an excellent choice for any backyard. In comparison to concrete and fibreglass pools, vinyl liners are more cost-effective, easier to install, more flexible and, ultimately, more customisable.

Swimming pool liners, like any other component of your pool system, still require regular maintenance and upkeep to remain in good condition. Also, while it does not happen often, you may need to replace your pool liner eventually.

Here are the signs that it’s worth considering a vinyl pool liner replacement.

Your vinyl pool liner is more than 10 years old

Vinyl liner pools have a long life. A Viva Vinyl pool interior comes with a 12-year pro-rata warranty, but most will last much longer. As long as the pool is treated properly and in the right conditions, it can have a life expectancy of 15 years or more. There have even been cases where an interior lasted more than 35 years! It all comes down to the swimming pool sanitisation system, the use of high-quality pool chemicals and maintaining an ideal water balance throughout the year.

Chemical etching

When a vinyl-lined pool is emptied, the liner that was above the waterline can often look better than the liner that was below the waterline. If a swimming pool’s water balance is not maintained and low-quality chemicals are used, a process known as ‘chemical etching’ occurs beneath the surface of all pool interiors (not just vinyl liners). This etching process is responsible for the pool interior below the waterline fading, becoming brittle and, eventually, breaking down.

If you do notice any signs of wear, seek professional advice before deciding on a vinyl pool liner replacement. Viva Vinyl sources interiors from ABGAL, which are designed and engineered for the Australian climate and UV exposure.

There are cracks, tears or holes in the liner

Cracks, tears and holes in the liner will cause a leak – and a leaky pool is no fun – so, keep an eye out for any damage! It could have happened by chance, for example, during one of the recent storms, some debris fell into the pool with force. Alternatively, your pool has outlived its warranty period and the ideal water balance has not been maintained. The interior may lose its suppleness as it ages and a hole might occur as the interior begins to tighten.

If your swimming pool has been constantly ‘bombed’ with chlorine and extreme chlorine levels have been maintained over the years, the interior becomes extremely supple and wrinkles can form. A vinyl liner can still function as long as it is watertight; however, it may not look as good. If you notice any of these signs, make sure to repair the pool liner as soon as possible before bigger problems arise!

Thinking about a fibreglass pool resurfacing?

If you’re renovating an inground fibreglass pool, consider lining the pool shell with vinyl. A vinyl finish is smooth to the touch and comes in a variety of fashionable colours and prints, providing high quality, long-lasting results. Australian-made and custom-made to fit each pool; steps, deep ends and benches can all be accommodated with ease. A vinyl finish can be made or any pool, whether it’s a standard size and shape or an intricate, one-of-a-kind design. Plus, vinyl liners are supported by a 12 year pro rata warranty – one of the longest warranties available with swimming pool renovations.

It is important to find a reputable and experienced pool maintenance company that can help you achieve the results you desire for pool restorations and refurbishment. A Viva Vinyl pool finish can breathe new life into any pool construction, including tiled, painted or rendered concrete, pebbled pools, fibreglass, and, of course, vinyl-lined panel pools.

Whether your pool has seen better days or has minor damage, Viva Vinyl is your Sunshine Coast vinyl pool expert. We provide vinyl pool liner replacement and pool resurfacing services for a variety of pool types. So, contact the team at Viva Vinyl today if you need dependable pool resurfacing or pool liner replacement on the Sunshine Coast!

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